January 3, 2019


What we do, and how we do it?

Over the years, we have been relentlessly working, building trust and forging a special bond with our students while tutoring them in English and German from all over the world. People like you, amongst them many desperate language learners, are being paid special attention to. We utilize unique methods to bring you closer to your goals. Our Adaptive Learning Techniques enable us to exclude any inappropriate or demotivating content and only focus on your individual needs. Therefore, the approach of how we educate is dictated by your requirements. We organize both online classes (for small groups) and 1 on 1 private sessions. If you already speak German / English (or Hungarian), you would probably want to expand your vocabulary based on that knowledge. Also, if your mother tongue is different and you are only making your first foray into online language learning, you have arrived at the right place. 


Why trust us?

Do not trust anyone blindly, the proof is in the pudding. But rest assured that we are here to heed your word and no questions will be left unanswered. Sifting through the reviews in the testimonials section is highly recommended. This is purely what our students say about us, no tricks or gimmicks. We have never encouraged anyone to send in any paid reviews and such activity will never be condoned here.


Are you eligible to join us?

Anyone committed to learning is most welcome! From beginner to advanced we have something for you all to make your membership worth it. If your kid is a primary school student (who is having difficulty with languages) look no further, you came to the right spot. We have plentiful experience with youngsters. If you are an organization looking for ways to engage your employees in English/German interaction, you came to the right spot. Communication at work is crucial and your workforce will always be up to date.


When do the sessions take place?

Sessions are available during working hours and also after working hours. What one considers working hours may vary but we proffer a great deal of flexibility. (For those who spend their life at a workplace, this might be the solution) In terms of online group sessions (classes) the beginning hangs on the availability of each participant, yet it is a much cleverer choice than attending any place in person. It is much more convenient because we only deal with small groups (2-5 people) and only fix the next classes one week ahead. On top of that, group sessions cost less per participant.


Why be a private student? Why online learning?

Learners do not have to leave their place, yet they will be provided with the best form of education. Online learning does not lack anything in qualities but it has many advantages over traditional teaching. Our students are treated with the utmost care while enjoying the highest comfort of their home. This feature alone is a special advantage because online attenders spare themselves the commuting hassle, thus money. Furthermore, online sessions can be scheduled anytime throughout the day. We are no longer reliant upon “operational hours”. This level of flexibility simply trumps all the courses that require your personal presence. If businesses cannot keep up with demand they are inevitably consigned to oblivion.