Communication Tools

Just a quick entry about the tools we use for Internet Communication:


Skype is a standard communication tool that we can use any time, anywhere. It requires installation and can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

In our experience, it lacks some features that make the classes really vibrant and we have had some audio issues with it recently (e.g. unpleasant feedback during audio sharing and sudden drops of shared audio on the recipient side)


Viber is a popular application for communication and is widely used on smartphones. Maybe it is less known that it also has a desktop computer version through which we can share our screen. However, it does not offer any audio sharing option. 


Zoom provides us with all the cutting-edge features we need and it is top recommended for online meetings. We can share audio, screen, video, whiteboard etc. without any problems. Please install ZOOM for maximum experience.

Here is a quick video about how to join a meeting:

Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger 

are other alternatives if you are unable to make use of any of the above mentioned.

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