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1 on 1 private session

This is the best option if you are uncertain about your free hours because this plan comes with maximum flexibility.

Go to 1 on 1 ticket: 10 occasion

1 on 1 ticket: 10 occasion

In case you are available for at least 2 sessions a week and would like to take advantage of a discounted offer this plan will suit you best.

Go to 1 on 1 ticket: 20 occasion

1 on 1 ticket: 20 occasion

If you commit yourself to partaking in a longer course at least 2 occasions per week, you are entitled to a higher discount rate.

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Online class

Please apply here if you wish to study in an online private class and not individually. Fees are lower and it is tailor-made for 2-5 learners.

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privatestudent.club is an individual business that has been established after thorough market research, addressing private student's and learner's needs
Are you still struggling to attain or retain that ruddy fluency in English?

Instead of bragging about degrees and qualifications, we are adore our students who will vouch for us. This is the best measure and unambiguous testimony of our success. We dare to assert that we possess the most potent linguistic concoction you have ever thrived on. This potion we are handing over to you opens doors for your English of Now and Tomorrow. We are particularly proud that our efforts and extensive research have been crowned with success. If you join us, you are going to learn what the real difference is comprised of. The methods we utilize here are entirely different than what you have been taught at school. Most of the time, language learners have difficulty understanding and speaking a language. We mostly focus on the weak spots whilst retaining both attention and entertainment. Making you able to speak English in full sentences, using the correct grammar automatically has always been our principal objective.

  • % of students seeking this skill

  • % of students seeking this skill

  • % of students seeking this skill

  • % of students seeking this skill


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